Since the publication, in January 2021, of the historical report on mother and baby homes and Magdalene laundries in Northern Ireland, there has been impressive momentum towards a public inquiry to examine allegations of historical abuses in these institutions. After signing off on the report, QUOTE Hub member Sean O’Connell and his co-authors (Leanne McCormick and also Olivia Dee and John Privilege) closely followed developments. A Truth Recovery Design Panel was established to make recommendations on the next steps. This team (pictured above, at Stormont, with their completed report) consisted of Deirdre Mahon (a senior social worker), Dr Maeve O’Rourke (National University of Galway and Professor Phil Scraton (Queen’s University). Drawing heavily upon the report by McCormick, O’Connell, Dee and Privilige (in particular the oral history testimony it contained), the Truth Recovery Design Panel produced a radical set of proposals to establish an integrated truth investigation, provide individuals with access to their personal records, and methodologies to achieve redress, reparation and compensation. The Northern Ireland Executive has agreed to act on the proposals and victims and survivors now await action to follow the announcements that have been made. The report to the Truth Recover Design Panel is available to read at this link