Fermanagh and Omagh District Council (FODC) will be seeking a facilitator(s) to work directly with groups in the district as part of a reminiscence and oral history project to record and archive local stories relating to the legacy in Ireland of the period 1912 – 1923.

The facilitator(s) will be expected to meet with at least seven groups in various locations within the district to capture local oral histories and explore the local impact of the Partition of Ireland and the birth of Northern Ireland. FODC staff will assist in recruiting groups.

The successful facilitator will prepare and conduct oral history interviews with willing participants around these themes with a view to creating a greater understanding of our shared heritage and preserving memories.

Groups recruited may, amongst others, include:

a) Community groups
b) History Societies
c) Women’s Groups

The facilitator(s) will be expected to adhere to the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council agreed key principles of Commemorating and Remembering: –
1. Start from the historical facts
2. Recognise the implications and consequences of what happened
3. Understand that different perceptions and interpretation exist
4. Show how events and activities can deepen understanding of the period.

If you are interested in tendering for this project please submit a proposal no more than two A4 pages to include the following:

• Methodology and Techniques, demonstrating how the interviews will be
conducted in an ethical manner
• Two examples of experience in conducting interviews and discussing difficult
• Breakdown of costs including liaison with a minimum of seven community
groups, recording, transcribing and creating extracts of interviews and
transport to sessions
• Demonstrate how you will comply with data protection law and GDPR
• Demonstrate how you will transcribe the interviews in a manner that complies with Oral History Society and British Library guidelines
• Timeline for the project
• Maximum budget of £4,000 inclusive of all expenditure

Recordings will need to be on a digital recorder with the following requirements:
Digital Recorder minimum of 24-bit bit-depth, minimum 44.1 or 48 kHz sampling frequency, uncompressed WAV files preferred for archival storage and 4GB or 8GB Secure Digital (SD) card. Two external microphones and headphones will also be needed. The Council must be given the manufacture and model number of digital recorders before they are purchased and must sign off on their archival suitability.
FODC will require the facilitator (s) to obtain and complete all documentation required for this project. e.g. Recording agreements, Permission documents, Performers agreements, Intellectual Agreements, Copyright agreements, cataloguing, unique identifier per recording and categorisation of all documents of the interviews. FODC will require all documentation to be returned to the Council and retain ownership. No publication or sharing of information will be permitted unless prior approval has been agreed by FODC.

The successful facilitator must also take responsibility for recruitment of groups (with assistance from Fermanagh and Omagh District Council) and organisation of venue (cost will be covered by FODC). The facilitator will also be expected to complete an Interview Participation Agreement and take photographs of the interviewees if they are willing. The project must be delivered by end of June 2021.

The successful candidate will be required to provide a copy of their Insurance Cover for Public Liability to a minimum of £2m.

I would be grateful if you do not intend to provide a quotation that you confirm this.

Deadline for return of quotations is Friday 22 January 2020 @ 12pm.